Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex (Chasteberry)
Family: Lamiaceae
Planetary Ruler: Venus

A herb for all women.
Vitex is Venusian herb that restores balance to the menstrual cycle. 
Vitex can restore the bodies ability to regulate eostrogen and progesterone levels. 
It has been successfully used to regulate irregular menses and PMS symptoms including dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, oligomenorrhea, fibroid cysts, and hormonal constipation.
It can also be used to stabilize the cycle after withdrawal from progesterone birth control pills.

Its abilities to stimulate and normalize the pituitary glands functioning lend to the normalising of progesterone in the body, thus lowering estrogen levels which are usually out of balance in the case of Endometriosis. 

Vitex is often referred to as a amphoteric herb. This is due to its ability to work on decreasing one aspect in one person, but increase it in another person, depending on what their system needs.
A quote from Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman - "For instance, vitex has a reputation for being both an aphrodesiac and and anaphrodesiac! In effect, the herb will generally facilitate the most appropriate action required to normalise function, no matter what the aspect of function is out of balance."

For women trying to get pregnant it can regulate the ovulatory cycle and can be safely taken through the end of the first trimester, actually decreasing the risk of miscarriage.
(It is safe to take after the third month of pregnancy but not recommended, because it may bring on milk flow too early). 
After the birth, Vitex can taken in order to stabilize the hormones and increase lactation. 

On the deeper level, Vitex moves into the body in a soft but direct way, nurturing the imbalances that many women may feel in their cycle. A caring, guided hand of Venus, reaching out to aid and support you in your innermost source life-giving abilities. 

Vitex (Chaste Berry) Spagyric Tincture

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