Symphytum officinale
Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Spagyric Essence of Comfrey via Distillatio cum Sal Voliatilis 

This Essence has been born out of the Spagyric Tincture of Comfrey.
The completed tincture is distilled out to receive the Spirit (Alcohol) that is imbibed with the energy of the plant. 
The Salts left over from the tincture and calcined with the fixed oils (Sulphur) to receive both the Salt of Salt and the Salt of Sulphur. 
These Salts are then added back into the Mercury and then distilled gently via retort. 
Over 9 consecutive passes, the Salts are fully imbibed into the Mercury. 

This medicine has then gone through a Philosophical month of Circulation in which it captures the subtle astrologica energies of the period into the medicine. 

This Essence is worked in Saturn. The energy of Comfrey's earthy, grounded and solid nature comes through when ingested, a great remedy for anyone needing grounding from over excitement in the astral/mental body.
The delicate nature of Comfrey gently moves in to that groundedness and offers a subtle but potent stroke of affection. 

If you are feeling exausted and overworked, a little over excited in the mind and run down from a lot of movement mentally, this remedy will offer you a safe place to land and recharge. 


On the subtler aspects, Saturn works with Time, Karma and Memory. 
One may experience a deepening of their state of awareness into the realm of past lives, the souls journey, the memories we store in our bones.

This refind medicine comes with a much smaller dosage recommendation. 
1-3 drops is sufficient. 

1ml bottle = ~ 20 drops
1 Dram (4ml) = ~ 80 Drops

Spagyric Essence of Comfrey

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