Eleutherococcus senticosus
Siberian Ginseng
Family: Araliaceae
Planetary Ruler: Mars

Well known in the Eastern Traditions, Siberian Ginseng has been used to combat Cold and Flu, ellevate immunity, increase vitality in the mind and body and promote enhanced function of the brain! 

A powerful herb that is now considered a Nootropic and Adaptogenic medicine.

In Tradition Chinese Herbal medicine, Siberian ginseng is used to strengthen the spleen, nourish the kidney, invigorate qi, provide energy and vitality, and treat high blood pressure.
Other actions have also seen it assist in healing inflammation, respiratory tract infections, ischemic heart disease, spasms, and hepatitis.

It has also been used in traditional Korean medicine as a tonic and adaptogen to strengthen qi. Siberian ginseng is among the five adaptogens most commonly used by Western herbalists.

If you are low in energy and vitality, needing a little boost in health and wellbeing siberian ginseng is a wonderful option for an all round, all season medicine to fortify your system! 
Worked in Mars this powerful herbs natural vitality is increased, sure to give you a spring in your step!  

Siberian Ginseng Spagyric Tincture

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