Parietaria diffusa L.
Pellitory of the Wall
Family: Urticaceae
Planetary Ruler: Mercury
Parts Used: Aerial Parts

Pellitory of the wall is a great remedy for any urinary tract inflammation or infection, especially when soothing is needed. 
Its demulcent action providing aid to any fiery and sharp inflammation. 
As a diuretic, it is highly effective in cases of water retention due to Kidney problems. 
Highly effective in the treatment of stones in the kidneys.

Internal use of this Spagyric Tincture will also aid greatly in the soothing of sore throat and remedies dry and chronic cough in the lungs. 

The decoction, says Gerard, 'helpeth such as are troubled with an old cough,' and 'the decoction with a little honey is good to gargle a sore throat.'
He gives us many other uses: 'The juice held awhile in the mouth easeth pains in the teeth; the distilled water of the herb drank with sugar worketh the same effect and cleanseth the skin from spots, freckles, pimples, wheals, sunburn, etc.... 'The juice dropped into the ears easeth the noise in them and taketh away the pricking and shooting pains therein.'

Even if one doesn't suffer from Kidney problems, UTI or Urinary inflammation, Pellitory of the Wall is a great option as a general tonic for the Kidneys and Urinary tract. 

A pretty plant that grows from cracks in pavement and bricks and literally clings to the wall... hence the name.
You may have seen this lovely plant growing in laneways of pubs and bars... yes.. where people often urinate! Hmmm! Interesting correlation there, no doubt. 

Its demulcent properties come in handy in topical application to wounds and burns (fresh leaf and stem). 

Pellitory of the Wall Spagyric Tincture

PriceFrom $15.00

3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5ml bottles contain 100 drops
15ml bottles contain 300 drops
30ml bottles contain 600 drops