Olea europaea
Olive Leaf
Family: Oleaceae
Planetary Ruler: Sun (and Jupiter) 

Internally Olive leaf extract, in this case Spagyric tincture aids the body in a wide range of ways. It’s often prescribed as a broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial agent but also has efficiency in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Its fortifying solar nature brings radiance to the body and the energy field.

Olive Leaf Spagyric Tincture in the Physical:

- Reduces high blood sugar levels (Hypoglycaemic)
- Regulates inflammation
-  Acts as a powerful Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antiviral
- Strengthens the heart muscle (Cardiotonic)   
- Reduces high blood pressure (Hypotensive) 
- Increases the functioning of the Immune System
- Breaks down of excess fat
- Dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow
- Acts in cleansing the Liver

Olive Leaf Spagyric Tincture in the Subtle:

- Radiance in the energy field
- Creating a harmonious and fortified internal state
- Instills confidence, self worth and self esteem (The Sun)
- Parts the grey clouds of depression and heavy emotional and mental states

Studies have also shown:
- Abilities to reduce cancerous tumour growth by stopping the Angiogenic process of the tumour receiving blood.
- Anti-cancer properties especially in the case of Breast Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Chronic Leukemia and prostate cancer.
- Olives Biophenols have been shown to prevent neurodegenerative disease in diseases such as Alzheimers

Low blood pressure and Hypoglycemic medications. In case of Kidney disease or issues contact health professional
**Please research interactions with pharmaceuticals if you are taking any prescribed medications, or see your medical practitioner before consuming.

Olive Leaf Spagyric Tincture

PriceFrom $15.00

3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5ml bottles contain 100 drops
15ml bottles contain 300 drops
30ml bottles contain 600 drops