Lavandula angustifolia
Family: Lamiaceae
Planetary Ruler - Mercury + Moon

A beautiful scent from a beautiful flower. Lavender is a relaxing nervine tonic, helping to ease tension and anxiety.
For people who are highly strung, nervous, anxious and tired, Lavender offers a soothing relaxation.
As an emmenagogue and antispasmodic, Lavender can assist where PMS may be prevalent, as well as strong cramping both before and during menstruation. 

On the subtle level, Lavender opens us up to the more refined part of our experience. One may find their perception of reality elevated and their dreamscape entering a higher plane.
Its Mercurial influence bringing a sharpening of the mental faculties, expanding perceptive abilities and refining our abilities in communication. 

Lavender is a beautiful plant to ally with. A loving and tender presence that brings calm and clarity to the body and mind. 


Lavender Spagyric Tincture

PriceFrom $15.00

3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5ml bottles contain 100 drops
15ml bottles contain 300 drops
30ml bottles contain 600 drops