Alchemilla vulgaris L.
Lady’s Mantle
Family: Rosaceae
Parts Used: Leaf, flowering shoots
Planetary Ruler: Venus

In Lady’s Mantle, women can find healing, connection and new experience of their feminine energy, a renewed and vital experience of their own individual warmth and radiance.
Moon cycles can regulate and ease, many finding Lady’s Mantle bringing harmony and relaxation to their womb.

Men can find a deeper connection to their feminine energy and in turn their Masculine.
Potentially re-writing any trauma that they may have experienced or caused through imbalanced desires, actions and thoughts, to themselves, woman, nature…
Reconnecting to the natural balance of life, the heart and love.

Lady’s Mantle assists in:
- Restoring uterine health
- Aiding to harmonise imbalances in the menstruation cycle
- Slowing excessive bleeding
- Regulating irregular cycles
- Stimulating proper menstrual flow
- Reducing menstrual pain
- Aiding in balancing the symptoms of menopause
- Releasing emotional trauma (especially surrounding intimacy and relationships)
- Aiding the heart in finding self love and acceptance
- Restoring our natural beauty and our appreciation of the beauty within and in the world around us.

**Contraindicated in:

Lady's Mantle Spagyric Tincture

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3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5ml bottles contain 100 drops
15ml bottles contain 300 drops
30ml bottles contain 600 drops