Equisetum arvense
Family: Equisetaceae
Planetary Ruler: Saturn

In the physical, Horsetail has an incredibly high concentration of silica, which the body uses to strengthen connective tissue, bones, nails, hair and skin.
Its salty flavour is a good indication of nutrient and mineral density, lending itself to the replenishment of the body and the rebuilding and strengthening of the structural aspects in the physical.
Horsetail is also used in the treatment of the urinary tract in cases of bladder stones and bleeding from UTI.
Its mild diuretic action assists in cases of water retention and damp stagnation in the body.
As a vulnerary herb it’s used topically to treat a wide range of wounds and is efficient and effective.
A Horsetail bath is said to help with pain associated with Rheumatic pain and arthritis.
In the more subtle aspects, Horsetail as a prime plant of Saturn works on the karmic imprint imbedded in the deepest regions of our blueprint, unlocking patterns deeply ingrained in our unconscious and subconscious mind, illuminating the darker, unseen aspects of our existence, allowing the expression of our life to become unhindered by these imprints.
Some may find working with Saturnian plants (and Horsetail) that they have deep memories, feelings and visions arise concerning their past actions that led to this life..potentially even revisiting such experiences directly.
Saturn works on our most dense structure, the bones. It is said that Karma is stored in the bones, and thus working with Saturn one can begin to see deeper into the ways in which we are built. The aspects of ourselves that are beneficial to our existence, and those that attempt to walk in the other direction.
Horsetail offers medicine for:
- Connective tissue weakness
- Lack of vitality in hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments etc
- Bleeding from UTI, bladder stones
- Incontinence and bedwetting
- Topical application for wounds of the skin (astringency tightening the tissue to aid in healing)
- Connection into the deeper aspects of one’s own subconscious and unconscious mind and patterning
- Liberation from the unseen negative patterns that govern our human existence

Horsetail Spagyric Tincture

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