Crataegus monogyna
Hawthorn Berries
Family: Rosaceae
Parts Used: Typically Berries, yet flowers and leaf also hold medicinal properties
Planetary Ruler: Mars

The fiery will of Mars is very present in the medicine, whilst remaining a medicine for every heart, she will ask of you courage, strength and openness to journey through any blockages that don't allow your heart to be the naturally open center of your existence.

On a physical level Hawthorn improves coronary function, blood flow, circulation and dilation of coronary arteries.
Hawthorn assists the heart in its availability and utilization of energy, reversing and balancing many degenerative and age related heart issues. When used over a long period of time Hawthorn maintains the health of the heart, minimises the possibility of heart disease.

Its abilities on the physical to adapt to being hypotensive or hypertensive and also experienced on the subtler emotional and energetic levels.
Hawthorn in its inward, receptive and softer state offers the opening to a closed heart that has experienced trauma through the breaking down of connection with love. Whether that be from family, friends or lovers, Hawthorn has the ability to hold the heart accountable, whilst supporting it to find its natural state again. A caressing and nurturing touch, coupled with a somewhat inescapable pointing to the truth of any matter of the heart.

Hawthorn Berry indicated in:
- Cardiac Weakness and palpitation
- Irregular Pulse
- Nervous Depression
- Chest Pain (angina)
- Low BP / High BP
- High Cholesterol
- Decreased Heart Function
- Closed Heart due to emotional trauma/baggage
- Necessity to reconnect the human experience with the heart of life

**Contraindication notes:
No toxicity, accumulation or habituation have been noted, meaning one can take Hawthorn within dosage guidelines as much as they like, even the elderly can enjoy its medicine **
Not to be taken with any pharmaceutical heart medication unless a health practitioner has been consulted with.
Not to be taken if one has a serious heart condition without first speaking with a general practitioner or qualified herbalist.


Hawthorn Berry Spagyric Tincture

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3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.
Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5 ml bottles contain 100 drops
15 ml bottles contain 300 drops
30 ml bottles contain 600 drops