Taraxacum officinale
Dandelion Root
Family: Asteraceae
Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

I love that this common plant is found everywhere and is considered (by those who do not yet know its power) something we shouldn't have in our gardens.... yet, its medicinal properties are extensive.
Highly effective medicine for the digestive tract, urinary system and pancreas. The root of the plant is primarily gifted in stimulating the flow of bile and aiding in kidney health and function.

In both Chinese Herbal medicine and North American indigenous medicine, Dandelion root has been used extensively for treatment of Kidney illness and stomach and digestive tract issues.
Its actions as an alterative cleanse the blood, as a digestive tonic it brings balance to the digestive system and acts upon the microflora of the gut.

Its strong affinities with Jupiters quaities of Liver health lend well to anyone that has a history of extensive alcohol/substance consumption, taking phamaceutical medications often and having to go through courses of anti-biotics.

A great general tonic for the liver and digestion for everyone.


Dandelion Root Spagyric Tincure

PriceFrom $15.00

3-10 drops under the tongue, or with a suitable liquid.Water, Wine, Smoothie, etc. (preferably not hot drinks).

5ml bottles contain 100 drops
15ml bottles contain 300 drops
30ml bottles contain 600 drops