“There is in each person, in every animal, bird and plant a star which mirrors, matches or is in some sense the same as a star in the heavens.”

- Paracelsus

Planetary Medicine

When looking at creating planetary medicine, we are educating ourselves on the archetypal attributes that each planet has, working the plant within certain Astrological timings to imbibe and accentuate the medicine with those qualities and using those attributes to treat the human condition.
Alongside Chakra/energy center correspondence, each planet also has affinities with certain bodily functions, organs, body types and
emotional/mental states.

When we work with a plant to create a Spagyric, we are creating a magnet for its planetary correspondence to be received in the different levels of our being. 

For example: If someone was having trouble sleeping, we would reach for a lunar remedy. The moon typically affecting the brain and psychic centers especially in a calming and gentle effect. The inability to find rest being an overstimulated mind, this requires a yin, calming, cooling energy to assist in balancing the condition.
Passionflower or Skullcap would be good choices here.

Planets and their correspondence

The Sun
Metal: Gold
Organ: Heart

Endocrine : Pineal Gland
Chakra: Sahasrara
Solar Plants Include: Acacia, Calendula, Chamomile, Linden, St Johns Wort.

The Sun is the heart of our Solar System, the light, warmth and radiant force that gives life to our world. Similarly the Heart is the center of our experience, pumping the lifeforce through our body.
Solar plants often work with the balance and health of our circulatory system, warming from the inside out. Many have the action of circulatory stimulant, this action directly effects the brain, heart, digestive system and general immunity. 
On a deeper level, the Sun opens our awareness to the depth of life and love.
Like the first light in the morning, driving away the shadow of the night, Solar remedies offer a internal amplification of your own light, warmth and radiance.
The Archetype represents Awareness, Unity, Paternity, Warmth, Radiance and Divinity.

The Moon
Metal: Silver
Organ: The Brain

Endocrine : Pituitary Gland
Chakra: Ajna
Lunar Plants include: Mugwort, Passionflower, Cleavers, Skullcap, Lions Mane, Marshmallow, Chickweed and Borage.

As the Sun is the radiant, warming and paternal, the Moon is inward, receptive, cooling and calming.
Just as we feel the Suns energy throughout the day, we feel the calming inwards energy of the moon by night.
Lunar plants will often have white and light purple coloured flowers. They may also have silver colored tinge to the leaf, like the shining of the moons light.
Lunar plants are often mucilaginous and have a slippery and silky feeling, especially when added to water. They usually present as round, soft, delicate and juicy plants.
Lunar remedies tend to act upon the brain and psychic abilities. Offering a calming effect to any over stimulation and increasing our sensitivity and receptivity.
The Archetype represents Reflection, Divination, Receptivity, Calmness and the Mother.

Metal: Mercury
Organ: The Lungs

Endocrine : Thyroid
Chakra: Visuddha
Mercurial Plants include: Bacopa, Lavender, Mulberry Leaf, Pellitory of the Wall, Lungwort, Mullein.

Mercury is the messenger. The great communicator between Heaven and Earth, Sulphur and Salt, Soul and Body.
The Spirit that animates all life.
Known as Thoth to the Egyptians and Hermes to the ancient Greeks, this archetype is the communicator of arts, knowledge, wisdom, writing and magic.
Mercurial remedies often act upon the lungs and also have a sharpening effect to the senses and mind. Working on the throat chakra Vishuddha, Mercury also aids in our own abilities to communicate from a balanced position.

Metal: Copper
Organ: Kidneys

Endocrine : Thymus
Chakra: Anahata
Venusian Plants include: Lady's Mantle, Goldenrod, Rose, Yarrow, Damiana, Licorice, Fenugreek.

Venus represents beauty, adoration, fertility, success, prosperity and victory.
We can often see a delicateness and daintiness expressed in the plants form. Typically Venusian plants will be plants we look at and say "oh that plant is so pretty!"
Venus's governing of fertility often shows in its ruling of most plants that act upon uterine health, menstruation regulation and menopause.
On a deeper level Venus assists with our relationships, the matters of the heart.
Whether it be relationships with ourselves, our partner, friends, family, or even life itself, Venus is the Mother we all need!
Helping us to have healthy boundaries, process traumatic memory and response, re-evaluate our current modes of relating and find the way back to our heart.
Venusian plants aid us in clearing everything that stops our heart from blossoming into life.

Metal: Iron
Organ: Gallbladder

Endocrine :
Chakra: Manipura
Marsian Plants include: Wormwood, Nettle, Coffee, Echinacea, Cayenne, Sappan Wood.

Mars, the God of War!
Marsian plants often present as having serrated leafs, thorns, prickles, and sharp pointed shapes. Along with protection mechanisms, they will often grow in a way that dominates other plants or spaces, ensuring its presence is well known.
A good representation of this are Blackberries and Nettles.

Whenever we see Mars represented in the body we often see stimulation, fire and heat. When over represented in the body, Mars can present as IBS, Eczema, irritation, infection, ange and frustration.
When under represented it represents as slugish, slow, cold, dull, heavy states of physical, mental and energetical wellbeing.
Hot, stinging, itchy conditions are Marsian by nature, as are overly excessive people.
When looking to identify Mars, the element of Fire is a good place to start.

Manipura Chakra when balanced exhibits qualities such as: Honour, Motivation, Honesty, Courage and Determination. The "warrior"spirit is strong in Manipura and definitely in Mars.

Whether it be fighting off infection, illness, and damp stagnancy in the body, overcoming sluggish and depressive mental and emotional states, or rectifying an imbalance in our abilities to hold ourselves with honour, integrity and courage....
Marsian remedies are here to ensure we find our internal fire.

Metal: Tin
Organ: Liver

Endocrine : Testes/Ovaries
Chakra: Svadhisthana
Jupiterian Plants include: Chaga, Dandelion, Reishi, Maca, Codonopsis, Burdock,

Jupiters presence is strong, far reaching, expansive and full.
Plants under the rulership of Jupiter will often grow in wide open spaces and exhibit far reaching qualities (Dandelion).
They often exhibit highly nutritive qualities, especially when they help to nourish the body and provide and restore vitality (Reishi, Chaga, Codonopsis)
Jupiter is associated with gas, and therefore we find many digestive carminatives under its rule. These plants helping to expel gas from the gastrointestinal tract.

When Jupiter is under represented we often see this manifesting as: adrenal fatigue, malnutrition, low absorption of nutrients, lack of vitality and an inwards and non expansive energy in ones field and personality.
When Jupiter is over represented we often see bloating, gas, swollen joints, arthritis, lack of physical and emotional boundaries. "Spread too thin" is often an excess of Jupiter, with its far reaching, radiant and expansive tendencies.
Rectifications to these above situations can be found easily in Jupiter remedies.

On the more refined level, Jupiter assists in the expansion of our awareness beyond its preconceived boundaries. Often instilling visions of the future, insight and intuition, Jupiter also aids in giving us the life force necessary to walk towards those visions with vitality, health and strength.

Metal: Lead
Organ: Spleen

Endocrine : Adrenals
Chakra: Muladhara
Saturnian Plants include: Horsetail, Comfrey, Boneset, Pine, Gravel Root, Datura, Poison Hemlock.

Saturn represents the depths of our physical experience and the unseen depths of the sub-concious and unconcious mind.
Working within the bone and joints structures of the body, Saturnian plants are often presenting as stiff, brittle and sturdy.
Saturnian remedies lend treatment to bones, joints and cartilage by working on calcium deposition and distribution throughout the body. The Antilithic abilities of plants such as Gravel Root, break down calcium deposits, de calcify joints that have become stiff and remove organ stones.

Saturn works on the deepest level within our blueprint. The unseen.
It pulls us down into the depths of our experience to align and refine these levels of our being.
Feeling like there's unseen patterning governing your life? Father Saturn is waiting for you.