Spagyric Tinctures

Spagyric Remedies made via maceration of herb in Alcohol with the Alkaline Salts of the herb added before Philosophical Circulation. 

A wide range of herbs available in this form to aid in health and well being. 


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Ens Tinctures

 Made famous by Paracelsus for his work with the "Primum Ens Melissa"
Ens Tinctures are highly effective in pulling Alkaloids from a plant and contains all the most subtle plant principles in balanced harmony. 

These extractions are highly praised for their ability to provide health on all levels of being. 


Spagyric Essences

Subtle yet piercing Essences that have been born out of the Spagyric Tincture of the plant.

The Spirit from the Tincture is rectified and then unified with the Salts. Repetitive Distillations marry the two to create
a subtle yet piercing medicine for
the Astral and Mental body.

"via Distillatio cum Sal Volatilis"


Philosophical Essences

The True Essence.
All three endogenous principles of the plant are extracted and refined individually. 

Sulphur (Soul): via Steam Distillation
Mercury (Spirit): via Fermentation
Salt (Body): via Calcination.

These principles are then united through repetitive "flights of the eagle" to render a medicine fit to heal the human experience on every level. 


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